Bio-HyPP at SUPEHR’19 Conference

The University of Genoa (UNIGE) organized and hosted the SUPEHR’19 conference (4th-6th September 2019) including dissemination activities related to the Bio-HyPP project. In particular, the second day of the conference hosted the LEAP05 (Low Emission Advanced Power plant) sessions dedicated to the hybridization of conventional power gensets with special focus on the Bio-HyPP project activities and results.

Some project partners participated in the SUPEHR’19 conference presenting technical papers (4 papers by UNIGE, 3 papers by DLR, 1 joint paper by DLR-UNIGE, 1 joint paper by NETL-UNIGE and 1 joint paper by UNIGE-RINA) and managing a panel session (organized by DLR with the involvement of UNIGE, NETL and other speakers).

The presentations and the panel session had an important audience (about 50-80 people), that were directly involved in the discussion, raising a significant amount of questions for the speakers.

Moreover, during the visit at the Innovative Energy Systems Laboratory of UNIGE, the Bio-HyPP experimental facilities were showed to participants, leading to an interesting discussion and a further occasion of results dissemination.