Fifth Bio-HyPP Newsletter out now

The fifth issue fo the Bio-HyPP Newsletter presents the improvements achieved for hybrid power plant components. In particular the work carried out by DLR, UNIGE and NETL is presented.
DLR  investigated theoretically and experimentally the influence of biogas on the auxiliary systems of the SOFC system (reformer and anode gas recirculation device) confirming the suitability of the recirculation blower. UNIGE developed a dynamic control model to characterize the impact of different valves in the hybrid power plant and it has been found that controlling the valves has a significant impact on the stable operating range of the system. Moreover, the project advances brought by TU/e, HIFLUX and RINA contributions are described.
Two partners of the Consortium are introduced, respectively UNIGE and RINA.
Please have a look at the full version of the 5th Issue, clicking the image below.