Sunfire GmbH

SUNFIRE aims for the industrialisation of liquid fuels and methane from renewable electricity, CO2 and H2O. Sunfire builds upon a technical process developed and filed as a patent by Dr. Bodo Wolf (founder of CHOREN, Freiberg, Germany). From 2008 – 2010, SUNFIRE has conceptually planned and conducted a technical and commercial feasibility study together with seven scientific and industrial partners, among them EIFER and a German automobile manufacturer.
Based upon these results SUNFIRE was founded and financed by private investors, Bilfinger VC, and KfW bank. In order to develop the High-Temperature-Electrolysis (SOEC), SUNFIRE has taken over the company staxera GmbH in June 2011. Staxera GmbH is one of the worldwide leading SOFC-development and production companies. It has been founded in 2005 by H.C. Starck and Webasto. With now more than 50 employees, staxera/sunfire builds SOFC-modules of up to 5 kW with a degradation of < 0.4%/1000 h using ESC-cells.
In the near future, SUNFIRE will develop and produce larger SOFC-stacks based on a multi-window-interconnector-plate. The same technology will also be used for developing SOEC stacks. Additionally to that, SUNFIRE is currently building up capacities for building modules for SOFC/SOEC-technology as well as process technology to for converting H2 and CO2 into fuels.

Contact Person: Danilo Schimanke
Address: Gasanstaltstrasse 2, 01237 Dresden, Germany
Tel.: +49 351 896797 903
Fax: +49 351 896797 860