Public Deliverables

WP1 – Hybrid Power Plant System Analysis

D1.1 – Analysis of market opportunities and legislative assessment [Download]
D1.2 – Static thermodynamic system models [Download]
D1.4 – Real time Dynamic models [Download]
D1.6 – Innovative Business Model [Download]
D1.7 – System performance and dynamic models validation [Download]
D1.9 – LCA and LCC analysis of the Hybrid Power Plant [Download]
D1.10 – Guidelines for health and safety, standardization and certification [Download]

WP2 – Component Development and Optimisation

D2.1 – Combustor prototype manufactured [Download]
D2.2 – SOFC stack characterization and optimization [Download]
D2.5 – SOFC auxiliary component characterization [Download]
D2.6 – Optimised electrical drive [Download]

WP3 – Subsystem Testing and Subsystem Emulation

D3.1 – Upgraded hybrid system emulation rigs [Download]
D3.2 – Hybrid system emulation results [Download]
D3.3 – Control system implementation and validation [Download]
D3.4 – Compressor surge study under large variable volumes [Download]

WP4 – System Integration and Demonstration

D4.2 – Hybrid Power Plant emulator (real MGT with SOFC emulator) with optimized components [Download]
D4.3 – Characteristics of the hybrid power plant with emulated SOFC [Download]
D4.4 – Technology demonstrator of the top-economic layout SOFC ready [Download]
D4.5 – Lessons learned for development, set up and installation of a hybrid power plant demonstrator [Download]
D4.6 – Hybrid power plant – Concept for coupling MGT and SOFC [Download]

WP5 – Dissemination, exploitation and stakeholder engagement

D5.1 – Public website set-up [Download]
D5.3 – Leaflet and Poster on the project [Download]
D5.4 – First Stakeholders’ Vision Document [Download]
D5.6 – Second Stakeholders’ Vision Document [Download]

WP6 – Project Management & Coordination

D6.9 – Final summary project report [Download]